AgroLivre Network

AgroLivre Network

The Free Software Network for Agriculture - AgroLivre, aims to satisfy agricultural sector demands in areas such as decision support, scientific research and digital inclusion. AgroLivre also seeks the deployment of free software within Embrapa and the use of digital certificates in corporate systems.

The project started in March 2004 with a planned duration of 34 months. The project was divided into two distinct stages: the establishment and the consolidation of AgroLivre.

2004 - Goals regarding the establishment of AgroLivre

  • Creation of a web site for the Agrolivre Network;
  • Signature of the agreement between Embrapa and ITI (National Information Technology Institute);
  • Discussion about the future project actions and the AgroLivre network dissemination;
  • Acquisition of equipments for the free software laboratories, aiming at training the technicians of Embrapa Information Technology and of the Department of Information Technology in architecture, installation and administration of Linux servers, and other free software tools;
  • Establishment of partnerships for the development of free software for the agricultural sector;
    Setting up of the free software laboratory, designed for internal personnel training. The training will provide for the gradual replacement of proprietary software by free software alternatives in two stages: 1) software used in research and development projects; 2) software commonly used by both technical and administrative sectors;
  • Dissemination of AgroLivre Network;
  • Training of IT staff of other Embrapa's research units in free software tools;
  • Deployment of a development process for information systems based on the free software development model. This model supports distributed collaborative research;
  • Deployment of free software in the Department of Information Technology and in Embrapa Information Technology;
  • Deployment of free software in the Executive Board of Directors of Embrapa;
  • Evaluation and definition of software for the implementation of a Certification Authority (e.g., OpenCA and OpenSSL);
  • Personnel training in the software that implements the Certification Authority;
  • Establishment of policies, regulations and procedures that guide the operation of a Registration Authority.

2005 and 2006 - Goals regarding the consolidation of AgroLivre

  • Deployment of free software in the Central Units of Embrapa's headquarters;
  • Deployment of free software in the decentralized units of Embrapa;
  • Migration of corporate systems enabling access via Web;
  • Training of IT staff of the Units of Embrapa in free software tools;
  • Consolidation of the deployment of information systems in accordance with the distributed and collaborative model;
  • Deployment of the use of digital signature in electronic mail exchanged between heads of the central units, executive board of directors and decentralized units or research;
  • Deployment of digital signatures in electronic mails exchanged within Embrapa;
  • Enabling of Intranet access for technical personnel in graduate programs – access via Internet providers;
  • Establishment of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for decentralized Units not connected directly to Embrapa's headquarters.